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Users – FlyAwayKits

Who benefits from our
Modular FlyAway Kit systems

Your mission requirements constantly evolve. We understand this evolution and it becomes a cornerstone for our custom modular flyaway communication kits, allowing us to create your unique mission solutions from multiple modular technology blocks of power, satcom, cellular, wifi, encryption, video, and more….. This unique approach provides our clients with multiple benefits including reduced costs, quicker deployment schedule, more efficient training and operation, and reduced maintenance.

MFK Users

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Oil exploration

Oil / gas / mining exploration

Disaster recovery

Corporate disaster recovery teams

Military A6 Team leaders

Military A6/J6 Team leaders

Maritime support

Maritime boarding party support

Emergency Kit

Mil/civ emergency managers

Command control operations

Command / control operations

Insurance adjusting

Insurance adjusting

Search and rescue teams

Search and rescue teams

Disaster response teams

Disaster response teams

Traveling executives

Traveling executives

Logistics teams

Logistics teams + Wildland fire

Law enforcement

Law enforcement ...and more

Modular FLYAWAY KIT for all deployments

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Collaboration between our experts and client personnel support all deployment scenarios.

Maritime MFK deployments

Maritime MFK deployments:

o Ship to shore kits
o Boarding kits
o Backup comm kits

Vehicle based MFK deployments

Vehicle based MFK deployments:

o Comm on the go
o Command reach back
o Joint operation center connectivity

Disaster response MFK deployments

Disaster response MFK deployments:

o Initial entry teams
o Response operation center
o Scope and survey teams
o Fire operations centers

Military MFK deployments

Military MFK deployments:

o Executive travel comm
o Initial entry kits
o Forward command posts
o Secure comm reach back

MFK Modular FlyAway Kit COMM
Commercial MFK deployments

Commercial MFK deployments:

o Corporate disaster cleanup
o Executive travel comm
o Field insurance adjusting
o Oil/gas/mining exploration

Trusted by Leading Agencies

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Seal of United States National Guard FlyAwayKits

U.S. National guard

Air Force Civil Engineering FlyAwayKits

U.S. Air Force civil engineering

US Army Medical Command FlyAwayKits

U.S. Army medical command

New York City Office Emergency Management FlyAwayKits

NYC Office of Emergency Management

United Arab Emirates Army FlyAwayKits

United Arab Emirates Army

Indonesia Basarnas Search And Rescue FlyAwayKits

Indonesia Search & Rescue