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FlyAwayKits – Custom, Modular, & Robust Communication Kits

Integrate kits as a program

Life cycle support

Service provisioning

Spares provisioning

Common maintenance parts/procedures

End user requirements transformed into technical reality

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22 years of creative and robust kit design


Our experts have over 22 years of experience transforming your field communications idea or requirement into easily deployed man‐portable kits supporting 1 to 50 personnel.

We have collaborated closely with over 375 worldwide agencies taking a life cycle approach to designing, manufacturing and deploying any man‐portable communication system imaginable.

What is YOUR deployable communications need?

  • Comprehensive command and control
  • Inaccessible satellite/cellular signal relay
  • Initial entry communications support
  • Maritime boarding party communications
  • Direct access remote satellite
  • Direct access remote cellular comm.
  • Remote networking
  • Deployable cellular nodes
  • Remote monitoring
  • Video capture and monitor
  • Portable battery bank/UPS
  • Relayed POTS… and more

Trusted by Leading Agencies

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Seal of United States National Guard FlyAwayKits

U.S. National guard

Air Force Civil Engineering FlyAwayKits

U.S. Air Force civil engineering

US Army Medical Command FlyAwayKits

U.S. Army medical command

New York City Office Emergency Management FlyAwayKits

NYC Office of Emergency Management

United Arab Emirates Army FlyAwayKits

United Arab Emirates Army

Indonesia Basarnas Search And Rescue FlyAwayKits

Indonesia Search & Rescue