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Benefits – FlyAwayKits

Multiple Benefits

Your mission requirements, thoroughly vetted and realized in a man‐portable self‐contained package with the following benefits:

Why Choose Us?

—— // ——

Custom design/development to your specific requirements

Rugged designs for worldwide deployment

Man‐portable custom kit engineering and development

Electrical, mechanical, software system customization (ease of maintenance)

Flexible and customized mission specific communications:
⇒ lower initial procurement costs
⇒ reduced maintenance complexity
⇒ enhanced system up‐time
⇒ simplified future technology insertion upgrades
⇒ reduced life‐cycle program costs

Rugged Customized Mission Communications

Support after Deployment

—— // ——

Following initial hardware procurement and deployment, our program level support provides the end user with:

Yearly cellular/satcom

service provisioning

System warehousing and

deployment logistics

Human Portable Solution Kits

Preventive maintenance




Trusted by Leading Agencies

—— // ——

Seal of United States National Guard FlyAwayKits

U.S. National guard

Air Force Civil Engineering FlyAwayKits

U.S. Air Force civil engineering

US Army Medical Command FlyAwayKits

U.S. Army medical command

New York City Office Emergency Management FlyAwayKits

NYC Office of Emergency Management

United Arab Emirates Army FlyAwayKits

United Arab Emirates Army

Indonesia Basarnas Search And Rescue FlyAwayKits

Indonesia Search & Rescue