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Design – FlyAwayKits

Our Design

High Performance field Communications

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Common base modules form a robust platform for your customized communication mission kit. Multiple modules are easily combined to deliver the high performance field communications capability your team demands.

Custom Man-portable Communication power supply

Local communications – wifi/radio

Reachback communications – sitcom/VSAT/cellular

Universal power – AC/DC/solar/battery

Executive office – print/scan/map

Tracking – personnel/asset/site access control

Robust Package Communication Needs
FlyAway Kits Experts in Technology Optimization Solution

Design Kits Army Optimized

Networking: routing, switching, encryption

Design Kits Army Optimized

Unified Interoperable COMM: cellular, satcom, radio, landline

Design Kits Army Optimized

Wired COMM: deployed landline telephones

Design Kits Army Optimized

Instantaneous cellular: deployable popup cellular systems

Design Kits Army Optimized

Imaging: video acquisition, transfer, deployable editing

Design Kits Army Optimized

Signal relay

Trusted by Leading Agencies

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Seal of United States National Guard FlyAwayKits

U.S. National guard

Air Force Civil Engineering FlyAwayKits

U.S. Air Force civil engineering

US Army Medical Command FlyAwayKits

U.S. Army medical command

New York City Office Emergency Management FlyAwayKits

NYC Office of Emergency Management

United Arab Emirates Army FlyAwayKits

United Arab Emirates Army

Indonesia Basarnas Search And Rescue FlyAwayKits

Indonesia Search & Rescue